The village of Konak Plot 1 KNC is two combined plots side by side with a stream at the bottom of the land. The plots are each 1520 sqm and 2120 sqm, giving a total of 3640 sqm plot. A lot of land, house and outbuildings in a beautiful location for an unbeatable cheap price.
The house is in disrepair and needs the floors and ceilings repairing. The structure is solid. The roof is in good condition and so a complete renovation or new build on the land are options.
GPS Coordinates are: N43*13.111' O 026*17.017'
All plots of land plots advertised are located next to land and/or other village plots that are also for sale if expanding your land purchase was a requirement.  
Plot KNA has three combined plots of 2620 sqm, 3600 sqm and 1005 sqm giving a total of 7225 sqm plot in total which is a large plot of land with a house and outbuildings that are in disrepair and need full renovation.
The house is a solid brick structure and the possibilities are endless to build or renovate on your own plot of land in a beautiful countryside location for a bargain price in which you will own the land outright and will be lord or lady of the manor with a blank canvas.
GPS Coordinates: N43*13.169' O 026*16.596'

KNF Plot consists of 1460 sqm, 3474 sqm and 1880 sqm plots in total 6815 sqm of a prime location at the edge of the village next to a forrest where a small steam runs parallel to the back of the property bordering the forest.
The main house needs some structural repair as well as a full restoration. The plot is again in a beautiful location at the edge of a the village up on a south facing hill backing onto a forrest. 
GPS Coordinates: N43*12.888' O 026*16.845'

Plot KNG is a single plot of 2125 sqm with a derelict solid structure house, two up, three down and land. An english couple live next door to this property.
GPS Coordinates: N43*12.862' O 026*16.555' 
Plot KNH is one 1050 sqm plot with a solid brickhouse which needs a full renovation with a large solid barn in a beautiful country side village setting.
GPS Coordinates: N43*13.187' O 026*16.921'
Plot KNJ is a single plot of 3780 sqm with an old run down house and barns that need structural work. the land is actually a pear orchard leading down the hillside to the forrest and fields beyond as this is an end of village plot. A lot of potential with a beautiful view from the hillside.
GPS Coordinates : N43*12.891' O 026*16.696'
Plot KNL is the largest plot  of 8000 sqm in the village, high up on a hillside with land covering the whole hillside leading down into the valley with a view of the whole village, valley and rolling green countryside beyond. Another prime location with a large plot for a very reasonable price.
Short video below. 
GPS Coordinates: N43*13.187' O 026*16.593'